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Young Savage why they capping so hard? (so hard)
Why these people calling up the law? (up the law)
Why is ICE calling you a fraud? (we know you not)
Why they think you British but you not? (we know you not)
Is it cuz you got a 12 car garage? (and they mad?)
Is it cuz you pulling all these rappers cards? (and they mad?)
We know you grew up in these streets without no heart (without no heart)
We ain’t gonna let them send you cross the Pond (no we not)

#abolishICE #Free21 #free21Savage

Once again we find ourselves reporting on another important cultural event where an issue of the Culture is being threatened. Shortly after 21 Savage made news with his powerful additional verse to the song A LOT featuring J. Cole, he was arrested and detained by ICE agents on grounds of concerns around his citizenship status.

More information here: 

Last November, ICE’s jails reportedly held a daily average of 39,322 people. The steep rise in immigrant detentions is not unprecedented. Different groups of concerned citizens have noted how under the Trump administration, ICE has become further weaponized in response to largely anti-immigrant administrative policy and messaging. 21 Savage’s arrest after years of living and working in the country is connected to larger conversations about migrant rights, US immigration policy, and criminalization as a whole. With little accountability and management over their searches, raids, arrests, and other actions against communities of migrant people as a whole, it is not hard to believe that many of those in ICE custody may include many innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong.

We pray for 21 and his family during this crazy time in their lives and hope to aid in the conversation around migrant justice as a whole. As always our creative artwork is designed in an attempt to spread awareness of important historical events and their relationship to people of all cultures and backgrounds <3

For more statistics on immigration detention check out:



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