Hustle Hacks

By Flo Reo

Hustle Hacks

Starting a business feels a little like getting a new puppy. If you’ve ever gotten a new dog or pet, you know what I’m talking about. You fall in love with it and feel deep joy every time you think about it.  You feel mama bear level protective of it and end up thinking about it all the damn time.

Then the honeymoon fades and you realize the amount of effort and patience that is required to raise  your new love. If you’re like me and didn’t plan or prepare at all, you have to live on a pretty steep learning curve. I spent hours filling in the gaps to learn how to keep my adorable pet from accidentally killing itself.  How do you teach puppies to sit? Stay? Don’t eat that! Chill out! Sleep through the night and not pee on everything? Walk on the leash in a straight line?

Actually raising your puppy, much like actually building your business, takes ten times more time and energy than you could have fathomed. And the lit on any given topic can literally be endless, all over the place, and come with a hefty price tag (both on your wallet and time, and time is money).    

If you are an entrepreneur, the startup life  doesn’t come with an easy to find pocket guide to success.  Moving your enterprise forward means there are unlimited tasks to complete, relationships to manage, projects to coordinate, revisions to finalize, emails to respond to.  Balance is elusive and you are required to take it moment by moment. And learning on the job can be hairy and exhausting. Time tested strategies for being productive, like all other business acumen, should be easily accessible.  How do the best leaders and managers keep on top of all their responsibilities, kick ass, and still maintain healthy, present, full lives?

They hustle hack.  And we’ll be sharing hacks right here.  Peep six hacks that will keep your hustle moving forward curated from some of the dopest minds in business!


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